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List of people with CCP Information System Security Manager (ISSM) Senior Practitioner (17 results)

Piers Bencard, Bearsden Associates
Awarded by IISP on 2013-09-19, expires 2019-09-30 (Expired)
Alistair Cockeram, TSYS
Awarded by CIISec on 2020-03-31, expires 2023-03-31 (Expired)
Paul Edwards, Unknown
Awarded by IISP on 2013-11-27, expires 2019-11-30 (Expired)
James Grimshaw, Ericsson
Awarded by IISP on 2013-09-19, expires 2016-09-19 (Expired)
Noel Hannan, Cyber and Digital Innovation Lead at GoSecure UK
Awarded by APMG on 2016-07-28, expires 2019-07-27 (Expired)
Clive Hardy, Molisec Ltd
Awarded by IISP on 2015-10-16, expires 2018-10-16 (Expired)
Adrian Hicks, Kalamunda Consulting Ltd
Awarded by APMG on 2013-03-16, expires 2016-03-15 (Expired)
Stephen Iddon, SCC Corporation Ltd
Awarded by APMG on 2015-05-22, expires 2018-05-21 (Expired)
Usman Khan, IAP Consulting Limited
Awarded by IISP on 2015-10-16, expires 2018-10-16 (Expired)
Ed Moses, Specialist Industries Ltd
Awarded by APMG on 2012-06-25, expires 2018-06-26 (Expired)
Matthew Pemble, Goucher Consulting
Awarded by BCS on 2012-07-23, expires 2015-07-22 (Expired)
Awarded by BCS on 2015-07-23, expires 2018-07-22 (Expired)
David Russell, DXC Technology
Awarded by IISP on 2015-12-18, expires 2021-12-31 (Expired)
William Wardrope, Cassidian CyberSecurity Ltd (Regency IT Consulting)
Awarded by IISP on 2014-05-30, expires 2020-05-31 (Expired)
Marc Wheelhouse, Vodafone UK
Awarded by APMG on 2014-01-02, expires 2017-01-01 (Expired)
Mark Whittaker, Independent
Awarded by APMG on 2015-12-04, expires 2018-12-03 (Expired)
Alan Woodroffe, Secure Systems Support
Awarded by APMG on 2013-09-21, expires 2022-09-29 (Expired)