Information Security Work Placements

I offer a free matchmaking service to connect suitable candidates with Information Security Professionals able to provide fixed-term work experience or mentoring.


The nature of the placement can be tailored by the indiviudals concerned. This could take virtually any form, including:

Please join my InfoSec Work Placements announcement list to be alerted as soon as a new candidate or placement is waiting. Candidates - please tell your course managers about this service!

I don't currently have any candidates or positions available, but this doesn't mean they aren't out there! If you are a candidate, contact me with your requirements and I will ask around. If you are an InfoSec Professional and have a listing on the Register, I will gladly add a "thank you" to your TSAR profile if you successfully help me place a candidate!

If you'd like to find a placement, or if you are a qualified professional able to offer this service, please complete this simple form, giving as much applicable information as possible, and I will list requests and available positions on this page.


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Every effort will be made to find a match for you, but please understand that success is not guaranteed, so it's important to have a backup plan!