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287 InfoSec Professionals are now listed on TSAR!

The Trusted Security Advisers Register lists security professionals working in the Public Sector and its supply chain. Many are confirmed ex-CLAS consultants, however members of other schemes, including CCP, CISSP and IISP are also listed. Expired certificates are shown greyed out - I am not aware of any other website that offers this feature.

The consultant profiles are easily searched and you could find the trusted adviser you need in seconds.

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Thanks to the calibre of this growing Register, TSAR-Listed Consultants are already being requested in Job Advertisements!

Help build a comprehensive list of current Public Sector security experts for customers to search. It’s free to join and, to maintain quality, I need just a few pieces of evidence from you in order to prove your status.

The Trusted Security Advisers Register could vouch for your increasing ability and qualifications as you progress in your career, and all members have an individual profile page they can link to.

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Looking for a work placement or mentor? Let me know what you need (e.g. internship, sandwich year placement, a couple of weeks’ experience, etc.), and I will try to find a match.

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Alternatively, if you simply want to talk about Information Security, see if one of my email-based InfoSec discussion groups fits your needs.