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The Trusted Security Advisers Register offers free listings for Information Security Professionals. If your application is accepted, you will appear on TSAR, and also receive a unique URL you can use to link directly to your TSAR record from wherever you wish.


To join the Register, start the ball rolling by filling in this simple form, giving as much applicable information as possible, however you may fill out as much or as little of the above details as you wish. Headings relating to empty fields are omitted from the output so they do not appear as incomplete to users.

Fields currently available to populate in a TSAR record are given below.

Once the form is sent, why not head over to my email-based InfoSec discussion lists? They're also completely free to join!

Don't forget to link to your record from your own website and, if you like this site, please tell others!

Please include as much information as you can, and I will let you know if I need anything else to progress your application.


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