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Peter Bance, ex CLAS Consultant and TSAR AdministratorThe Trusted Security Advisers Register (TSAR) provides the opportunity to have a centralised listing of Information Security Professionals.  Initially, TSAR will include mostly ex-CLAS consultants, because CESG is in the process of closing CLAS, and it would be a shame for this to result in our community being completely disbanded.  In addition, I hope TSAR will provide some useful publicity for those of you who need help with a Plan B, as well as to give the Public Sector and its supply chain a chance to get in touch with experienced consultants who will no longer be listed on the CESG website.

To be listed on the TSAR, you simply need to be an InfoSec professional with at least one relevant credential. TSAR reports your certifications, such as CLAS, CCP, CISSP, IISP, etc., plus whether or not you are currently security cleared to any level (no further detail than that will be published for obvious reasons).  This is resulting in a very useful set of data that is searchable by potential customers, including other members of the register who might need more manpower on a project.  In addition, the listings are designed to allow you to link directly to your own profile from another website, or provide a link to recruiters or potential employers so they can access a “verified” summary of your InfoSec credentials.  As an example, here’s a link to my individual profile page:


I have been warned by a senior official at CESG that any use of the name “CLAS” to promote the scheme will not be tolerated after it has been shut down.  Again, I think it would be a shame to delete my various InfoSec discussion lists after they have proven popular with the community, and so they have been migrated here from their old home on clasconsultants.net.

Rather than simply to be a list of people and a bunch of email lists, I would like TSAR to evolve into something the community can use to extend its reach.  You may have noticed the homepage talks about finding work placements for students and trainees of any level.  I think this is important if we are to encourage young people to see our profession as a worthwhile career choice.  Recently, I had a contact out of the blue from a local lad who ended up meeting with me and discussing his options.  He said I was the first person he had met who understood what he was interested in doing, which is a real shame. I’d like for some of us to go into local schools, colleges or Universities to raise awareness – it doesn’t have to be a formal thing to arrange with me, but simply a spontaneous decision by any of us to approach an establishment and make it happen.  After having several offers from our community within a few hours of putting the call out, the schoolboy I mentioned here opted for a week-long placement with a senior manager in Reading.  I think we should try and do this more often, hence the dedicated page on the website.  I’m sure we will think up other ways we can enrich our community too; I certainly have a few more ideas!

Please get on board by registering with TSAR, joining the email discussion lists, and letting me know about any mentoring, paid placements or internships I can add to the site. The more we get to know one another, and what we each can offer, the easier it becomes to recommend colleagues to customers and, dare I say, pick up a few like-minded friends along the way.

Peter Bance, Information Security Adviser and TSAR Administrator

In case anyone wants to know the legal aspects of who is running the site, it is me, Peter Bance, through my small company.

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Disclaimer (Terms of Service): Although I go to every possible length to validate the professional credentials listed on this website against authoritative sources, for some certifications this is not always possible (e.g. expired CLAS membership is not listed by CESG).  Neither my company nor I offer any warranties or guarantees whatsoever, and in no event will we be liable for any loss or damage ‐ please double-check the information on this site for yourself before relying on it! No individual or organisation is guaranteed a listing on the Register; I reserve the right of entry and any decisions I make pertaining to the website and Register are final.

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