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List of people with CCP IA Auditor Practitioner (19 results)

Mohammed Ali, Ernst and Young LLP
Awarded by APMG on 2014-04-07, expires 2017-04-06 (Expired)
Max Allen, Platinum Squared Ltd
Awarded by APMG on 2013-01-21, expires 2016-01-20 (Expired)
Victoria Axon, DXC Technology
Awarded by IISP on 2013-03-27, expires 2016-03-27 (Expired)
Cath Downie, BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience (UK)
Awarded by BCS on 2015-06-15, expires 2018-06-14 (Expired)
Awarded by IISP on 2018-07-01, expires 2021-06-30 (Expired)
Stephen John, Independent
Awarded by IISP on 2018-01-19, expires 2021-01-31 (Expired)
David Johnston, Information Defence Limited
Awarded by APMG on 2012-02-22, expires 2013-02-21 (Expired)
Abdul Khot, AMSA InfoSec Ltd
Awarded by IISP on 2012-10-18, expires 2015-10-18 (Expired)
Awarded by IISP on 2015-10-16, expires 2018-10-16 (Expired)
John Laskey, Emerson Grant LLC
Awarded by APMG on 2012-07-19, expires 2018-07-18 (Expired)
Dipak Patel, Independent
Awarded by APMG on 2014-11-19, expires 2023-11-19 (Expired)
Stephan Peters, SLR Infosec Ltd
Awarded by APMG on 2012-05-29, expires 2015-05-28 (Expired)
John Plackett, Computer Sciences Corporation
Awarded by IISP on 2013-03-27, expires 2016-03-27 (Expired)
Dave Rogers, Fujitsu Services
Awarded by APMG on 2013-09-12, expires 2022-09-12 (Expired)
Mark Shaw, MASS Consultants Ltd
Awarded by BCS on 2014-08-08, expires 2017-08-07 (Expired)
Paul Somerville, KPMG LLP
Awarded by IISP on 2015-09-11, expires 2018-09-11 (Expired)
Michael Stimson, Platinum Squared Ltd
Awarded by APMG on 2015-06-17, expires 2018-06-16 (Expired)
Andy Taylor, Aquila Business Services
Awarded by APMG on 2015-07-02, expires 2021-07-02 (Expired)
Colin Wright, Wright Security Limited
Awarded by APMG on 2013-10-06, expires 2015-10-05 (Expired)