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Adam Hill, Independent
15+ years' experience in architecture and security
CCP [BCS] Security & Information Risk Advisor Practitioner from 2016-04-14 to 2019-04-13 (Expired)
CCP [BCS] IA Architect Practitioner from 2016-04-28 to 2019-04-27 (Expired)
C|EH [EC-Council] Certified Ethical Hacker from 2010-10-01 to 2013-09-30 (Expired)
CRTSA [CREST] CREST Registered Technical Security Architect from 2016-12-06 to 2019-12-05 (Expired)
CISMP [BCS] Certificate in Information Security Management Principles from 2015-03-06
NSTSSI [Cisco] 4011 National Training Standard from 2010-09-02