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List of people with CRTSA CREST Registered Technical Security Architect (9 results)

David Alexander, Urenco
Awarded by CREST on 2017-06-27, expires 2020-06-26 (Expired)
Jason Fairfax, Stratia Consulting Ltd
Awarded by CREST on 2013-02-20, expires 2016-02-19 (Expired)
Richard Fallon, Independent
Awarded by CREST on 2017-08-08, expires 2020-08-07 (Expired)
David Frith, Info-Assure Ltd
Awarded by CREST on 2013-08-15, expires 2016-08-14 (Expired)
Steve Graham, Coactive Solutions Ltd
Awarded by CREST on 2013-11-20, expires 2016-11-20 (Expired)
Adam Hill, Independent
Awarded by CREST on 2016-12-06, expires 2019-12-05 (Expired)
Usman Khan, IAP Consulting Limited
Awarded by CREST on 2015-05-21, expires 2018-05-20 (Expired)
Pete Middleton, Key14 Ltd
Awarded by CREST on 2015-12-17, expires 2018-12-16 (Expired)
Mark Whittaker, Independent
Awarded by CREST on 2015-09-17, expires 2018-09-16 (Expired)